Now mobile phone battery will last more than 3 months, but how?

Most of the people are worried about the battery of the mobile phone going down quickly due to which they have to charge the set repeatedly.

To avoid this kind of mental agony, most of the mobile phone users keep an extra battery with them so that it can be used in times of need.

Considering the same problem of the users, the American battery manufacturer Energizer has introduced a phone with the most powerful battery.

Regarding the battery of this mobile phone, the company claims that its battery will last for around 100 days.

According to the report of the technology website, Energizer introduced the Android phone at the World Mobile Conference and said that the phone with the most powerful battery will be offered for general sale by the end of this year.

Energizer company actually makes batteries and power banks and now the same company has turned the 28 thousand mAh power bank into a smartphone and the company has said that it will introduce a phone named Hardcase P28K.

The said phone will be offered with 87-6 inch screen, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB memory.

Three cameras will be given on the back of the phone, out of which the main camera will be 64 megapixels, the second one will be 20 megapixels and the third one will be 2 megapixels.

Similarly, the hardcase P28K will also feature a 16-megapixel selfie camera, with the company claiming that the front camera has been upgraded with better quality technology especially during video calls.

The phone will also feature a fingerprint sensor and other security features while running on Android operating system.

Interestingly, the weight of this phone will also be four times more than normal phones, i.e. more than half a kilogram.

According to the company, the hard case P28K will feature a 28,000 mAh battery with a 36-watt charger and the phone's battery will be fully charged in just one and a half hours.

According to the company, if the usage of the said phone is kept low, its battery will be able to run for 94 days and even if phone calls are made from the phone for 24 hours continuously, its battery will last for 5 days.

The company said that the said phone will go on sale by October 2024 and its starting price in Pakistan is likely to be kept at Rs 74 thousand.

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