No one knows what is in the mysterious green box lying in the middle of the forest!

A mysterious green box has been seen in the dense forest of New South Wales, Australia, while no one knows about this locked box.

A photo was shared on the social media platform Reddit in the past few days, which said the box was found under a trail near the town of Katoomba, less than a mile west of Sydney.

The ark was found strapped to a tree in the thick of trees along a hiking trail in the Blue Mountains National Park's Jamison Valley.

There are also some holes in the front part of this box. A user named Rupi expressed curiosity about this box and wrote on the thread, 'What is this box?'

Users on Reddit have also expressed different opinions regarding the contents of this mysterious box.

One person said, 'There's a cat inside, it could be alive or dead,' to which a user replied, “If there is a cat inside, it would be pretty helpless. It could be considered both alive and dead.”

Most people believed that the box might contain a burial that someone had hidden years ago. However, it is not yet clear what is in the box.

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