No judgment of service!

When I told a sage in Lahore that I want to become a Sufi, he asked why?

I said because I like it. You said it's hard work, think about it. I said. It is no longer difficult because I have passed his primary and middle, I have passed the infas-e-nafi-affirmation, I also have the practice of the palace of the noun, I do not know the way forward, I have come to ask you and your I want guidance.

Baba laughed and said, “Then you want to attain spiritual power, not to become a Sufi.”

I said what is the difference between the two? They said, the purpose of acquiring spiritual power is only the acquisition of good habits and this power can be produced by a few exercises and rituals, but the purpose of Sufism is something else!

What? I asked. So Baba said that the purpose of Sufism is to be engaged in the service of mankind and the improvement of God's creation. Staying away from creation is monasticism, and living for God in God's creation is purity and religion. I did not like this sage, poor Pandu sage and his knowledge was limited.

When I got up and started coming, he said to eat bread and go. I said, yes, no problem, I will eat when I reach Sahiwal.

He said, service is happiness, don't deprive us of it. I willingly sat down. Baba brought stirrup and cup from inside. Then he took out the broth from the pot and poured it into the bowl and the dal in the stirrup. There were plenty of flies. Attacked again and again.

Baba sat in front of me and started shaking the kundori to drive away the flies and I continued to eat bread.

At that time, the Maghrib call to prayer was given. In the corner, his devotees and disciples had built a mosque like a mosque by covering a small space. A group of twelve men stood there.

I was very sorry to see that I was eating bread and my feet were dangling. I said Baba ji you should pray.

They said, you eat.

I said, yes, I am very embarrassed, you should go and pray.

He smiled and said, no problem, you can eat. After a while, I again said, Your Highness, they have also made an intention, you should perform the prayer and the Qadha will be done.

Baba laughed and said, there is a qadha for prayer, son, there is no qadha for service. Eat bread comfortably.

(From the pen of prominent Urdu fiction writer and playwright Ashfaq Ahmed)

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