Nissan is accused of “abandoning” owners of older electric vehicles

Those who have been with Nissan since the first Leaf models were launched feel that the Japanese automaker is leaving the “pioneers” of the brand's electric era aside, as its app will no longer work for older vehicles. The subject was the subject of a BBC report.

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Nissan has announced that its app, which allows remote control of functions such as heating, is stopping due to the UK's 2G network being switched off. This fact displeased several owners of electric cars who will be affected.

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Around 3,000 Nissan Leaf cars and e-NV200 van models manufactured before 2016 are affected by the withdrawal of the application. Experts also predict that, as the electric market grows, other models could suffer the same fate.

Nissan's older electric vehicles use the 2G network to communicate with the app. Newer vehicles, which no longer need the 2G network, would be free from the problem.

“The NissanConnect EV app, currently linked to Nissan Leaf and E-NV200 vehicles produced until 2016, will be closed from April 1, 2024, due to the end of 2G technology,” commented Nissan. “However, owners will still be able to use important features such as the climate control timer and charging timer directly from their car's navigation system,” the company added.

Leaf, Nissan's main electric model
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Owners of these older models, who will suffer from the problem, have expressed their dissatisfaction, and regret that the automaker will not deactivate the app gradually.

“I would wait at least six months, 12 months, something like that to find alternatives. This is a fundamental feature of the car that is going away”, declares Max Siegieda, from Manchester, owner of a 2013 Nissan Leaf, who spoke to the BBC.

Max also pointed out that the app's remote access to features such as car heating or remote charging was a big point in purchasing the Nissan Leaf. He bought the model already used, in 2022.

He says he was already thinking about upgrading to a newer model, but now says he is reluctant to buy another Nissan due to the lack of notice they gave about the app closing.

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