New Zealand designates Hamas as a terrorist organization

New Zealand has also joined the list of countries declaring Hamas a terrorist organization.

According to foreign media, New Zealand officials say that the October 7 attacks have shattered the notion that its political and military wings can be separated.

The New Zealand government says that the organization as a whole accepts responsibility for these horrific terrorist attacks.

New Zealand has decided to freeze the assets of Hamas in its country and ban any kind of support to it.

On the other hand, the brutality of the Israeli army in Gaza is not stopping, in another sad incident, the Israeli army martyred 77 more Palestinians.

The Ministry of Health of Gaza says in this regard that the Israeli army opened fire on Palestinians waiting for aid in the southwestern area of ​​Gaza, as a result of which 77 Palestinians were martyred.

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The statement of the Ministry of Health said that the number of Palestinians martyred in the tragic tragedy in Gaza may be more than 100.

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