New iPad Pro 2024 appears in leaked image


It has not yet been officially revealed when the new iPad Pro 2024 will be launched by Apple, but information continues to leak about the company's next high-end tablet.

Now, apparently real design drawings are circulating on the internet.

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New iPad Pro

  • The iPad Pro 2024 design images were released by MacRumors and show details of the 11-inch and 13-inch models.
  • The look hasn't changed much and still looks like other current iPads.
  • The camera block, for example, remains located in the top left corner, while speakers and a USB-C port appear housed in the bottom of the tablets.
  • The sketches also include dimensions: the 2024 13-inch iPad Pro measures 281.58 x 215.53 mm, slightly larger than the 2022-released iPad Pro 12.9 at 280.6 x 214.9 mm.
  • The 11-inch iPad Pro 2024 is listed at 249.70 x 177.51 mm, slightly taller and narrower than its predecessor iPad Pro 11 (2022), at 247.6 x 178.5 mm.

Digital drawings like this are often leaked from factories that produce Apple devices. For now, the original source has not been revealed:

New iPad Pro 2024
Image: Reproduction/MacRumors

The leak also included thickness: the 13-inch model is 5mm (down from the previous one's 6.4mm) and the 11-inch model was listed at 5.1mm (down from the older brother's 5.9mm). . Therefore, the next two iPad Pro models could be thinner than the current duo.

With a possible launch expected between March and June, but details about the iPad Pro 2024 should be revealed soon.


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