Nasir Kazmi: Poet of Hijr and Yasit


One of the reasons for the popularity of prominent Urdu poet Nasir Kazmi is his style of narration, which is characterized by intensity and intensity of emotions. Along with this, Nasir gave Urdu ghazal that individuality with his sense of wonder which keeps him alive even today.

I remembered the reason for the heart palpitations
I remembered it now

A wave has risen in my heart now
There is no fresh air now

These are the poems of Nasir's ghazal, in which the theme of beauty and love is prominent and the character for which Nasir was recognized. He embodied the traditional subjects of Urdu poetry i.e. the bitterness of life, deprivation, dedication and longing in his poems. Without deviating from traditional poetry, Nasir Kazmi adopted modern language and tone, which was both common sense and very heartwarming.

Read a famous poem by Nasir.

Nasir on the walls of our house
Sadness is sleeping with open hair

The original name of Nasir Kazmi was Syed Nasir Raza Kazmi. He was born on December 8, 1952 in Anbala. His father Syed Muhammad Sultan Kazmi was a provincial major in the army. Mother was also educated and a school teacher in Anbala. Thus, he was a member of a happy family who spent his childhood in pampering. While getting education, read Gulastan, Bostan, Shahnama Ferdowsi, Qisa Chahar Darwish, Fasana Azad, Alif Laila, Sarwa wa Niwa and Urdu poetry books as well. He started writing poetry at an early age. His singing was very good.

Nasir Kazmi passed his 10th examination from Muslim High School Anbala. Admitted to Lahore Government College for BA, but had to drop out due to the upheavals of the partition of India. Before independence, he was living a very comfortable life in a big house, but after partition in Pakistan, he spent his life doing jobs in a small modest house.

The vocabulary of this poet who gained public popularity and the measure of his sensibilities remained romantic, but he could not ignore the problems of the era and society to which he was connected and used unique metaphors with small seas to express his words. Sajaya that fame became his destiny.

Nasir's first poetry collection 'Barg-i-ne' was released in 1954 and received great acclaim. After that, his books were published in the names of 'Pahli Barash', 'Nishat-e-Shabam', 'Dewan' and 'Sur Ki Chhaya'. He was also a good prose writer and a collection of his essays was also published.

Nasir Kazmi was included in the editorial board of well-known literary magazines 'Auraq-e-No', 'Hamayun' and 'Khayal'. Later, he joined Radio Pakistan Lahore as a staff editor.

Nasir Kazmi left this world on March 2, 1972. A poem of his is inscribed on his tombstone.

The world will be inhabited forever
We will not be there, there will be someone like us

He is buried in Mominpura graveyard in Lahore.


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