Mirab Ali shared the pictures of 'Dholki'


Actress Mirab Ali shared pictures of Bhai's Dholki on social media.

On photo and video sharing app Instagram, actress Mirab Ali shared pictures on Instagram in which she can be seen in a cheerful mood in Bhai's 'Dholki'.

Mirab Ali donned a maroon work dress for the auspicious occasion.


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The actress shared these pictures a few hours ago, which have been seen by thousands of fans and are also giving appreciative comments on it.

On the other hand, singer Asim Azhar also shared various Instagram stories and said that he has reached Lahore from Karachi for his friend's wedding, while in one Instagram story, he also shared a picture of his friend, Mirb's brother Ramis, and in the caption Addressed him as 'Dulhe Raja'.


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A post shared by Merub Ali (@meruub)

In the Instagram story shared by actress Mirb Ali, it can also be seen that the preparations for her brother Ramis' Dholki are complete.

Meanwhile, in a video clip shared by Asim Azhar on his Instagram story, he, actress Mirb Ali and senior actress Gul Rana can be seen sitting on the back seat of a car, probably going to Mirb's brother's dholki while the car is driving Mirb. His brother is driving himself and his mother is sitting with him.

It should be noted that in March 2022, singer Asim Azhar got engaged to Mirab Ali with the consent of the family.


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