Mawra Hussain is getting married? The actress issued an explanation

Mawra Hussain, a well-known actress and model of the Pakistani showbiz industry, has issued an explanation on the news circulating about her marriage.

News about Mawra Hussain's marriage started doing the rounds when the actress posted pictures of her recent photo shoot on Instagram and left fans in awe.

The photos gave the impression that she was at her mother's party, but she clarified in an Instagram post that 'these are not my wedding photos.'

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He wrote that my marriage is not going to happen now, next week, next month or this year. The actress clarified that these pictures are not of her wedding.


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Two months ago, Mawra Hussain had made the fans confused by posting similar pictures on Instagram. In the photos, she was seen in a cheerful mood dressed in Mayan dress.

He himself cleared the concern of the fans by clarifying about the pictures that the picture was taken from the shooting of his drama, these are pictures from the Jaffa shoot, please don't be misled.


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