Match VIP: cast, trailer and synopsis

The k-drama “Match VIP” is a mix of revenge, twists and challenges in romantic relationships. A woman discovers that her husband's mistress played a role in his death and is determined to ruin her life, even if it means stopping her from becoming the trophy wife of a wealthy CEO. To achieve her goal, this woman is determined to do absolutely everything. Next, check out the cast, trailer and synopsis of the drama.

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Check out the cast, trailer and synopsis of “Match VIP”

Seo Hye-seung (Kim Hee-sun) is an extremely determined woman, but not even this characteristic was able to stabilize her marriage. Her husband even decided to have an extramarital affair, but ended up dead in the end. Shaken, Hye-seung discovers that her late husband's mistress played a crucial role in his death, and is determined to make her pay.

At the same time, a wealthy CEO named Lee Hyeong-joo (Lee Hyun-wook) returns to South Korea and decides to contact an agency specializing in dating: he doesn't trust women and doesn't want a real relationship, but he needs a “trophy wife” to stay by your side. This agency, then, needs to make him match with the ideal single woman, because, according to the owner of the establishment, “marriage is nothing more than a business”.

Hye-seung, by pure coincidence, discovers that her late husband's lover (and possible murderer) wants to enter Hyeong-joo's selection for trophy wives. Therefore, he decides that he will prevent her from achieving this feat and will do everything in her power to harm her, even if to do so she herself has to compete as a potential wife for the rich man.

The drama can be watched on Netflix, it has only 8 episodes and each one is an average of one hour long. The cast also features names like Jung Yoo-jin, Cha Ji-yeon, Park Ji-hoon, Park Hoon, Lee Soo-hyuk, Kim So-ra and more.

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