Make delicious “bread stuffing” for Iftar


In the month of Ramadan, every housewife tries to prepare good and tasty dishes for her family in Suhr and Iftar.

In ARY Digital's program Good Morning Pakistan, female chef Saba told viewers the recipe for making delicious “bread stuffing” which is also very easy to make.

He said that roll patties (panda patti) can be found in the market, if not, double roti (bread) is the best alternative.

Saba said that bread stuffing is made with three filling methods, first with potatoes and then with vegetables and the third with chicken.

You can make bharta of this banana by adding onion, ground black pepper and other spices used in the bharta to the bread, if you want to add chicken powder.

He said that apart from this I have added cheese and tikka masala with chicken in the second filling and thin the double roti and add chicken in it and fry it by turning it from all sides and sticking a toothpick in the middle. Vegetable roll will be made in the same way.


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