Mahmood Achakzai was very wrongly talked about by PTI founder, Atta Tarr

ISLAMABAD: Leader of Muslim League (N) Attaullah Tarar says that founder PTI spoke very wrongly about Mehmood Chakzai.

In one of his statements, Attaullah Tarar said that Mehmood Achakzai was nominated by PTI as a presidential candidate, it was his old desire to become a presidential candidate.

Attaullah Tarar said that this is the same Mehmood Achakzai whose copy PTI used to bring down in the sit-in.

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He said that yesterday Mehmood Achakzai gave a speech in the National Assembly to get the pleasure of PTI, after the speech he was being congratulated which is very sad, his own party broke up and lost seats in Balochistan. There, the political fate was spread and accusations were made against others.

He said that the reality should be accepted and the political weakness should be recognized.

The (N) League leader said that winning seats in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was a good thing, but losing in Punjab was rigged, double standards cannot be allowed, you should recognize the election.

The Sunni Ittehad Council has nominated Mahmood Achakzai, head of Pashtunkhawa Milli Awami Party, as the presidential candidate. Latif Khosa, Aamir Dogar and Umar Ayub filed nomination papers in the Islamabad High Court, PTI leader Ali Muhammad Khan is the proposer.

Two nomination papers have been submitted by Mahmood Khan Achakzai. Chief Justice Amir Farooq received nomination papers for the election of President.

Meanwhile, there was an interesting dialogue between Chief Justice Amir Farooq and Latif Khosa. Latif Khosa said, We were thinking that you will invite us to the chamber and drink tea etc.

On this, Chief Justice Amir Farooq said that tea will be served to you even after this, Umar Ayub and Ali Muhammad Khan have also come to this court for the first time.

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