Look at Tomorrow: the era of digital pirates

In the Olhar do Ajante column this Wednesday (28), neuroscientist and futurist Alvaro Machado Dias spoke about a text he wrote for Folha de S. Paulo, which analyzes piracy. First, he took a trip back in time to remember, let's say, more classic piracy — the hijacking of ships that began centuries ago.

Then, it went to the “digital pirates”, who hijack databases. Basically, they work with ransomware, software that finds faults, invades and controls computers remotely.

We are used to reporting scams, but most gangs are small and victimize individuals, taking thousands of reais. But there are groups that make millions of dollars. How exactly do these criminals operate?

There is a professionalization, so to speak, of this ransomware market, this professionalization involves groups, gangs that are increasingly stronger and better structured. The thesis I presented is the following, unlike traditional gangs, in this case, the same figures, the same subjects, are behind the different gangs. So you see these figures, emerging, building these criminal factions, so to speak, and then dissolving them as they gain too much visibility to set up the next one. So it's different from what we have in Latin America.

Alvaro Machado Dias

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