Lightning strikes plane after takeoff in Canada; look

Images circulating on social media show the moment a plane was struck by lightning shortly after taking off from Vancouver International Airport, in Canada. The case happened last weekend and the moment was captured on video by a pilot in training.

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(Image: reproduction X/@MennoSwart)

The plane continued its journey normally

  • The Air Canada aircraft had left the city of Vancouver bound for London Heathrow Airport.
  • Shortly after takeoff, the images show lightning, which lights up the sky and hits the plane squarely.
  • No one was injured and the trip continued normally.
  • According to the United States National Weather Service, passenger planes are struck by lightning, on average, once or twice a year.
  • Also according to the agency, aircraft are designed and built with a system that receives lightning and conducts currents, preventing damage to equipment and risks to people.
  • The information is from UOL.

Watch the moment the lightning strikes the aircraft:

Image: reproduction X/@MennoSwart

Report from the man who recorded the images

The images were recorded by Ethan West, a pilot in training. He said he often takes time to watch planes at the Vancouver airport after flying lessons are over.

The man stated that he was informed in advance that the plane that would take off at that time would be a Boeing 777-300, which he considers his favorite aircraft model. As it was a large twin engine, he thought it would be interesting to make a quick video because of the sound produced by the plane.

West said that he learned, during his piloting course, that planes have mechanisms that prepare them to absorb possible lightning. According to his instructors, he says, lightning is “generally not a big problem,” although he points out that aircraft will likely undergo inspection after landing if they are struck.

The pilot also admitted that this was the first time he had seen lightning strike an aircraft.

I just kept wondering what was going to happen. From my point of view, I wanted to know if they would have to deviate, because I know that there are obviously a series of measures that they [os pilotos] will have to follow. I know there wouldn't be any serious problems, I was just wondering if they had to divert and if even the passengers knew what was happening.

Ethan West, pilot in training

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