Lambda Leonids meteor is spotted flying over RS; watch

This Wednesday (6), the Lambda Leonids meteor was spotted flying over almost the entire 256 km length of Lagoa dos Patos, located in the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

Three cameras from the Heller & Jung Space Observatory were responsible for capturing the passage of the meteor, which took just 4.13 seconds to travel around the perimeter, according to the Observatory.

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Lambda Leonids meteor passes through RS

  • According to Heller & Jung, the meteor passed through Lagoa dos Patos at 10:17 pm;
  • It entered the Earth's atmosphere at an altitude of 91 km and was extinguished at 77.6 km over the lagoon;
  • The object reached a magnitude of −2.7.
Image: Heller & Jung Observatory

Check out the full video below of Lambda Leonids flying over Lagoa dos Patos, in Rio Grande do Sul:

Could interstellar objects be visited by spacecraft?

Eventually interstellar objects are caught passing through the Solar System. Two of them have been detected so far, but both have only been seen from afar. Despite advances in surveillance systems that will allow more of these objects to be detected, there is still not much being done to meet these visitors. However, now a new study has presented a mission proposal.

The research was recently published in the journal Planetary and Space Science and in it the researchers suggest not only the best way for the mission to be launched, but also the practicality of getting close to these interstellar objects and which instruments are most suitable for the job.

Mission to visit interstellar objects

Sometimes the gravitational pull of the planets in the Outer Solar System throws comets and asteroids beyond the limits of our Sun's influence. If it happens here, it probably happens with objects around other stars as well, so the galaxy must be full of these icy objects traveling at high speed. We know of two such objects that passed close to us, Oumuamua and Borisov.

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