Jamiat Ulema Islam announced a sit-in in Karachi against the current government


Jamiat Ulema Islam has announced a sit-in against the current government in Karachi on May 2.

According to the details, Rashid Mehmood Soomro said that JUI did not recognize the 2018 elections, the 2024 elections are also not recognized, now the decisions will be made in the field. Law and order situation in Sindh is bad.

Rashid Mehmood Soomro, the central leader of JUI, said in a media talk in Sajawal that more than 800 innocent people including innocent Priya Kumari are with dacoits in Kacha. They are being stripped naked and videos are being made of them.

The JUI leader said that in the presence of the Prime Minister, they had demanded a joint operation in Kacha. The then Chief Minister opposed me. Now the Chief Minister himself is saying that he is surprised where the weapons are coming from.

He said that the parties got almost no votes in the raw polling stations. People's Party has got the highest number of votes in all the polling stations in Kacha.

If the dacoits do not have connection with PP, why are they not serious about operating in Kacha. The dacoits are at the mercy of the People's Party. PPP is patronizing dacoits in Kacha.

Rashid Soomro said that Nawab, Sardar and Vadere of People's Party sitting in the Assembly are patronizing bandits.

The JUI leader said that unless there is a ruthless operation, there will be no relief from the dacoits. PTI people came to our house, we went to their house, Maulana welcomed them. We have ideological differences with PTI.

He said that we believe that the attitude of the founder PTI is based on external agenda. Now, if there is any change in his position, then this explanation has to be given to his party.

Rashid Soomro said that if his position is still the same, it may not be possible for JUI to go with him.


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