Israel aborts a woman who became a mother of twins after 10 years

As a result of the barbaric bombardment of the innocent Palestinians by the Israeli army, a woman who became a mother of two twins after 10 years lost her life in an instant.

News Agency Apk Reports According to the occupying Israeli army, a house was bombed in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, as a result of which two 5-month-old twins (son and daughter), their father and 11 relatives were martyred.

A woman named Rania was sleeping after feeding her son at around 10 o'clock on Saturday night when the Israeli army suddenly started shelling her house one to one and a half hours later.

All the members of the house were martyred in the attack while Rania miraculously survived.

He said in a conversation with the media that I screamed for my children and husband on the bombing. Rania said that they were all martyrs, the husband left me alone and took the children with him.

Israel aborts a woman who became a mother of twins after 10 years

In the war with the Palestinian resistance organization Hamas in Gaza, Israel is systematically targeting innocent Palestinians while the international community remains a silent spectator.

In October 2023, Israel declared Rafah as a safe area for itself, but now the occupying army is shedding the blood of innocent Palestinians by carrying out brutal bombing. Warnings are not issued before attacks on homes so that people can move to a safer place.

The Israeli military had no comment on the attack when contacted by the AP.

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