iPhone can now officially help monitor blood glucose


As we recently warned here, it is impossible for a smart watch like the Apple Watch or a smart ring to calculate a person's blood glucose levels. However, an iPhone can help with glucose monitoring, and without a doctor's prescription, according to the website 9to5Mac.

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized a device that can be connected to an iPhone via Bluetooth, the Stelo Glucose Biosensor Systemfrom Dexcom, the first capable of measuring glucose and authorized by the FDA without the need for a prescription.

“Stelo is a small sensor worn on the back of the arm. It delivers 24/7 glucose readings directly to a smartphone, revealing powerful, personalized insights into glucose health,” says a message on the product’s official website.

Image: Disclosure/Dexcom
  • O Stelo Biosensor is aimed at non-insulin-dependent diabetics, as well as anyone who may be at risk of developing diabetes.
  • The FDA warns that the device is not intended for people diagnosed with low blood sugar, nor for people who have been prescribed insulin.
  • In the case of this type of patient, it is recommended to use devices that require a medical prescription.

Blood level measurements are taken automatically every 15 minutes; each sensor Stella can be used for up to 15 days before being exchanged.

The FDA claims that technology like this is important because not everyone has equal access to doctors, and this provides greater “health equity by moving care and well-being into the home environment.”

Without yet confirming a date for the start of commercialization of the device, Dexcon says that the device will go on sale in the US at some point this summer.

Image: Disclosure/Dexcom


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