Injustice was done by distributing specific seats to PDM, Parvez Elahi

Rawalpindi: Former Punjab Chief Minister and PTI leader Pervez Elahi says that the Election Commission has done injustice by distributing certain seats to PDM.

In an informal conversation with journalists on his appearance in the anti-corruption court, Pervaiz Elahi said that this decision of the Election Commission is also a violation of the decisions of the judiciary. The only way out of the current crisis is a direct and meaningful dialogue with the founder PTI. , conciliation does not make sense without fake cases and return of the original mandate.

Pervaiz Elahi said that chairman PTI is the only person who can lead the country, the fake government formed by fake votes is being inflated artificially and the bubble of fake mandate will burst very soon.

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He said that the people of Form 47 will not be able to hold the public mandate for long, the people of Gujarat will not sit with China until the return of the mandate, on Sunday people will hold a historic protest against fraud, their economy, poverty, inflation. , not a formula to control unemployment and law and order.

He said that the false speeches of the ladles in the assembly cannot reduce the anger of the people, the current rulers are being humiliated even by forming the government with forgery, PTI is still the most popular party in Pakistan, their plans are on ours. Put up the plaques but let the public projects go on.

Former Punjab Chief Minister said that according to Form 45, Qaisara Elahi got 163926 votes in NA 64, Qaisara Elahi has a lead of 132 thousand votes over Salik Hussain.

The PTI leader said that the tampering of Form 45 issued by the Election Commission is alarming, the results of PTI's winning candidates were tampered with and lost across the country, the public mandate was insulted and the country was pushed towards a terrible crisis. is going.

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