In extreme cold, electric buses fared better than diesel vehicles

There is still much debate as to whether the ability of electric vehicles in very cold climates is better or worse, but at least in Colorado's West Grand School District, electric school buses have managed to outperform their diesel counterparts. The information is from Electrek.

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One of the coldest cities in the USA is Kremmling, Colorado. The place has high altitudes and winds that leave morning temperatures in winter at more than 30 degrees below zero. In these incredibly cold situations, the school district's electric school bus began to come into its own.

“What we're seeing is that these buses work really well in cold weather, they still maintain their battery charge even when it's cold,” said Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) representative Casey Becker.

Although electric vehicles can suffer in extreme temperatures, in the case of diesel, the vehicles may not even start in the intense cold of Colorado's winter, while electric vehicles have been able to transport students without major problems.

“Most of the winter, the temperature is between 30 and 35 below zero,” reveals West Grand County School District Director of Transportation Bethany Aurinwhen. “When the temperature is up to 20 degrees below, it is a good day, and the electric school bus performs well.”

Colorado will intensify the presence of electric school buses

  • The program that distributes electric school buses in Colorado is expected to continue supplying units in the coming months.
  • Becker adds that a total of 49 electric school buses will go to nine Colorado school districts.
  • Two of them will be destined for Kremmling.
São Paulo wants to expand its fleet of electric buses

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