I Look Too Young for My Age: US President

Washington: US President Joe Biden has said that I look very young compared to my age.

According to foreign media, many Americans are concerned about Joe Biden's age because he has announced to run for re-election. If he is elected president for the second time, he will be the oldest president in American history.

Speaking to reporters about his annual medical test, the 81-year-old Joe Biden said that his annual medical examination went well, adding that the doctors thought I looked too young for my age.

81-year-old US President Joe Biden underwent a medical examination at the Maryland Military Medical Center on Wednesday where he was told by a doctor that Joe Biden exercises at least five days a week and is 'fit for duty'.

Dr. Kevin O'Connor wrote that the 81-year-old Biden's health continued to deteriorate, but his health has improved over the past year, his chronic illness being treated with medication.

“The President is feeling fine and no new physical concerns have been identified this year, he is fit for duty and can fully perform all his duties without any interruption,” the doctor said.

It should be noted that US President Joe Biden and former US President Donald Trump have questioned each other's mental health, while presidential candidate Nikki Haley has called both of them weak for the presidency.

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