How was a girl fraudster caught by creating a fake matrimonial website?


In the Indian state of Karnataka, the State Railway Police arrested an accused who was defrauding girls by creating a fake matrimonial website.

According to media reports, the police said that the accused was identified as 45-year-old Nareshpuri Goswami, a resident of Rajasthan state.

He had identified himself as Pawan Agarwal on a fake matrimonial website and introduced himself as a customs officer.

Nareshpuri Goswami met the parents of a girl in Bengaluru for marriage. The accused told him that 'I have to book a ticket and I forgot my wallet at home. You give me the money and I will return it when I get home.'

The girl's parents gave Rs 10,000 to the accused, after which he took the ticket and boarded the train. Nareshpuri Goswami switched off his mobile after some time while the victim's family approached the police.

Police arrested the accused, who was employed at a garment shop in Bengaluru, after registering a case. According to the police, he had bought several SIM cards and used to get numbers of girls from advertisements published in newspapers.

The accused used to trick the girls into getting married. He used to invite them to different places including their parents and collect money on any pretext and then disappeared. The accused has cheated more than 250 women so far.


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