How to check your Income Tax status after submitting your declaration

In addition to worrying about the delivery deadline, monitoring the process to check the progress of the income tax refund is also very important. After all, if the status of the declaration is pending, there is time for you to correct it and not have problems with the fine mesh.

So that you have no doubts when checking the status of your Income Tax Declaration, we have created a simple and practical step-by-step guide. Check out!

Why should taxpayers monitor the status of their IR 2024 declaration?

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Firstly, the taxpayer must know that it is not enough to just gather the necessary documents and fill out the declaration. After delivery, it is very important to check whether everything went well.

After all, through this consultation of the process you will know whether the delivery was correct, or whether there were errors and data inconsistencies. Therefore, it is essential to carry out the consultation to find out if everything is ok and not to have any problems with the IRS.

This way, if the status of the declaration presents any pending issues, there is still time to make the correction and not have problems with the fine mesh. Therefore, follow the entire process until the DIRPF is properly processed and approved.

How can I check the status of the IR 2024 process after submitting the declaration?

First of all, it is worth remembering that the Income Tax consultation must be carried out safely. Therefore, only use official Federal Revenue channels. Do not under any circumstances access links sent by suspicious emails or messages.

To follow the process safely, I followed the following steps:

1-Access the Federal Revenue website

Only through the Federal Revenue website is it possible to obtain information related to Income Tax.

2-Enter the e-CAC portal

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After accessing the Federal Revenue website, you will be able to access the e-CAC portal, registering to obtain an access code.

3-Log in to e-CAC

In this part, you need to enter e-CAC, using your CPF, access code and password to log in.

4- Consult Income Tax

In e-CAC, look for the option related to Income Tax consultation. Keep in mind that this section can vary, but it usually appears as “Personal Income Tax (IRPF)”.

5-Access the status of the declaration

After accessing the Income Tax section, you will be able to check the status of your declaration. From there, you can check if there are pending issues or if the declaration is under analysis. Furthermore, within e-CAC it is possible to obtain proof, documents and additional information related to your declaration.

6-Follow the refund

Finally, you will still be able to monitor the progress of the process, as the Federal Revenue Service provides a refund calendar that indicates payment dates.

Understand some of the e-CAC statuses

After accessing the e-CAC system, you will be able to find some possible statuses for your Income Tax declaration in 2024. Such as:

  • Refund Queue (declaration has already been processed with the right to a refund, but is not yet available for transfer);
  • Analysis (statement received, but still under analysis);
  • Pendencies (Identification of pending issues awaiting rectification by the taxpayer, i.e., you will have to make adjustments);
  • Processed (declaration has already been received and processed);
  • Rectified (the previous document has been replaced by an updated or corrected one);
  • Manual Treatment (declaration is under analysis, the taxpayer must wait until the Federal Revenue Service contacts them by correspondence);
  • Canceled (declaration was canceled by the tax administration or by the taxpayer himself).

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