How to add or change category on Instagram profile

If you have a professional Instagram account, you can choose between two profile categories: content creator or company. Each account type offers different tools for monitoring profile activity. For example, the content creator option shows the number of interactions and profile reach.

Professional Instagram accounts offer access to a professional dashboard, which allows you to monitor the performance of your profile and publications.

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You can also access advertising tools and display contact information for customers. The chosen category can be inserted, changed or hidden. Find out how to follow and follow the step-by-step explanations.

Category options on Instagram profile

When you choose a category, you will see two options, 'Business' or 'Content creator'. A content creator account is best for public figures, content producers, artists, and influencers. A business account is best for businesses looking to grow and reach customers.

Necessary time: 5 minutes.

To change your profile category on Instagram, you can do the following:

  1. Open your Instagram profile (your professional account)

    Open Instagram on your cell phone and tap the icon with your photo, in the bottom right corner of the screen, to access your profile.Cell phone screen for Instagram category tutorial

  2. Edit profile

    When entering your profile, tap “Edit profile”, just below the Professional Panel, to change your account category. Cell phone screen for Instagram tutorial

  3. Select 'Category'

    On the 'Edit profile' screen, scroll down until you reach the 'Category' option and tap it to continue and see the category options.Cell phone screens for Instagram category tutorial

  4. Choose the category

    Scroll through the list of categories and tap on the one you prefer, below the example is 'Blogger', but it can be 'Personal Blog' or many others. Choose the one that meets your professional profile. Then just click on the blue icon (marked in the top right corner, to finish.Cell phone screen for Instagram tutorial

You can hide category information from your professional profile on Instagram. To do this, access your profile on the social network and tap 'Edit Profile'. Then, tap the 'Profile Display' option, deactivate the 'Display category label' option and tap the blue check icon (✓), in the top right corner, to finish.

As said at the beginning, the professional account has its pros and cons. When choosing this profile template, it is not possible to leave it as private or choose a category for a personal profile. But if it is a commercial account, the tools and also the choice of category can provide useful information for your business.

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