How much does an exchange in Ireland cost?


Updated February 15, 2024

Have you already decided that your exchange destination is Ireland or the country is in your wishlist of destinations? So, this moment is now yours! Knowing how much an exchange in Ireland costs is important for your planning and will be the topic of our post today.

We will show you some packages so you know how much an exchange in Ireland costs! Check it out below and choose the best option for you and your budget!


  • It is important to remember that the values ​​presented below are just an AVERAGE. The final price will depend on several factors, such as: exchange rate, boarding date, course shift and workload, type of school, accommodation, among others.
  • We indicate that you visit one of Egali's offices to answer all your questions with our consultants. To schedule this visit click here.
  • The minimum time to do an exchange is 2 weeks.
  • All amounts and payment conditions for the quotes mentioned below are subject to change without prior notice.
  • It is possible to choose a date to travel up to 18 months after the date of hire!

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How much does an exchange in Ireland cost – Course + Work

If you are thinking about going on an exchange program and want to support yourself during your stay in the country, there is one of the most popular options:

Everything about work and study exchange abroad

How much does an exchange in Ireland cost?
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This type of package to Dublin for 25 weeks English course, StayWyse By Egali accommodation, shuttle arrival date and government insurance, comes out around R$ 15,899.00.

If you are looking for a more economical option, we have the option that is without accommodation and shuttle which is approximately R$ 12,719.00. In this package, boardings are until 06/24/2024 with limited spaces.

IMPORTANT: Airfare and travel insurance are not included in this package.

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How much does an exchange in Ireland cost?
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Accommodation in Ireland

You may be wondering: “It's only 2 weeks of accommodation, but what about the other 23 weeks, what's it like?” Stay Wise By Egali works as temporary accommodation – student accommodation. These two weeks are for you to arrive with a stay for the first few days, which does not qualify as housing for applying for a student visa to Ireland.

You can check out all the tips we have in our complete post about accommodation in Ireland:

How to find accommodation in Dublin?

So, with these two weeks, you can look for permanent accommodation for the rest of the program, looking for the best options in terms of cost, structure and location within your objectives.

You can check out our blog post for more information about the Irish visa process or talk directly to one of our experts using the button below:

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It's not just in Dublin that you can find course + work programs, do you know Drogheda? If you don't know, pause reading for a bit and click on our post about the reasons to do an exchange in Drogheda!

Do you like country towns and did Drogheda enchant you? Visit our stores to find out prices and promotional packages!

Airfare and travel insurance are not included in this package.

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How much does an exchange in Ireland cost?
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Anyone who has researched Ireland will, at one time or another, come across the city of Cork. An exchange in Cork has everything special and a practicality that is very difficult to find in other destinations.

The course + work package in this destination starts at R$ 9,839.00. This package includes 25 weeks of tuition, government insurance and Leaner Protection. This is one of the best prices of the year ever launched, take advantage and visit one of our stores to find out everything about this program – in this package, boardings are until 06/24/2024 with limited places.

Check out our full post about exchange in Cork below:

Exchange in Cork

Exchange Ireland – 2 weeks – language course

For those who want to learn English during their holidays, the recommended program options are from a 2-week course abroad.

A 2-week package in Dublin, which contains: 2 weeks of course, 2 weeks of accommodation at Staywise Dublin –By Egali, shuttle upon arrival and travel insurance, leaves on average R$ 5,219.00.


  • Airfare is not included in the price.
How much does an exchange in Ireland cost?
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“Egali was helpful from the beginning to the end of my trip, they helped me with everything I needed, it was my first international trip, I was scared and Egali helped me, they also helped me a lot to solve a problem that wasn't even theirs, the Regarding my checked bag that didn't arrive, Egali was super attentive. I would recommend it to everyone!”

– Isabelle Santana de Oliveira | @isabela.marques.3781

Isabela in Dublin

Start planning for your exchange

Are you ready to start planning after having an idea of ​​how much an exchange program in Ireland costs?

You can purchase one of these packages or make one personalized quote with our team of experts by clicking the button below – This conversation has no cost or commitment:

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