How many ancient Egyptian pyramids still exist?

How many ancient Egyptian pyramids are still standing? Although the Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest of them (and the most remembered), there are still many others spread across the region, and many of them are part of private collections. The fact that many are lost or in difficult to access places makes it difficult to have a specific number.

It is usually pointed out that there are 118 pyramids, much more than the three we know of. But in fact, this number is questioned by many researchers. This involves everything from logistical to political issues.

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Pyramids of Ancient Egypt

A report from Live Science tries to reach a consensus. “I don't think it's an answerable question,” said Ann Macy Roth, clinical professor of art history and Hebrew and Jewish studies at New York University, in an interview with the site.

Pyramids of Egypt (Image: Shutterstock)

Many factors influence these numbers. During some dynasties countries were ruled by the same dynasty as Egypt, with pyramids built in those locations as well. Should these works also be accounted for today?

There are also smaller pyramids around the larger ones, which many call “secondary pyramids”. They are not always accounted for. “It depends in part on what you call a pyramid,” Mark Lehner, president of Ancient Egypt Research Associates, told the site.

Pyramids of Egypt (Image: Shutterstock)

The phrase seems confusing, but it makes sense considering that not all pyramids ended. Should unfinished ones also go into this account? How big does a pyramid have to be to be classified as finished?

But, if we need precision, the most reliable number ends up being 118, despite it being just an estimate. Researchers point out that the number is the closest to the real number we have today and what is normally taken into account.

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