How do blind people shoot archery?

The best marksmanship can be done by one who has full confidence in his eyesight, sharp vision and body balance and skill in hitting the target.

But you will be surprised to know that shooting i.e. marksmanship can now be done even by people who are deprived of the blessing of sight but are honing their skills by playing archery.

Yes !! A coach who has been training blind people in shooting (blind archery) for the past several years was invited in the ARY News program Abiyara Sawira.

Coach Mohammad Ijaz said that I started blind archery training in 2016 and for the first time taught shooting to a blind girl and when she hit the target perfectly in front of all the participants, everyone was amazed and their eyes widened. I burst into tears.

Muhammad Ijaz said that the basis of shooting is not the eyes, but muscle memory is the most important for it, which nature has placed more in blind people.


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