House is incomplete, Speaker cannot be elected, Barrister Gauhar

Islamabad: Barrister Gohar, a member of the Sunni Ittehad Council, says that when the house is not full, how can the speaker be elected, our 23 notified members are not present in the house.

According to the details, Barrister Gohar, a member of the Sunni Unity Council, while speaking in the National Assembly, said that according to the constitution, the number of members of the assembly should be complete for the speaker election, at this time we do not have 23 members in the house.

Gohar Khan said that Mr. Speaker, you are the custodian of this house or someone's party, this house is incomplete, please point of order is of the constitution and law, we have asked you to roll the point of order, at this time there is a shortage of 25 members in your house. .

He said that 8 of our members have come from KP and 12 members from Punjab, their family members and children also do not believe that they are living.

Barrister Gauhar further said that the election of Speaker was held 18 times in Congress, you have given a rolling, a member of Form 47 can sit here and not of Form 45, how can the Speaker be elected when the House is not full.

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