Hara Omar termed social media as a waste of time

Hira Umar, the emerging actress of the showbiz industry, called social media a waste of time.

Actress Hira Umar participated in ARY News' cricket show 'Har Hoon Eshir' and answered various questions in an innocent game by the host Waseem Badami.

Hira Umar said that social media is a waste of time because I myself use social media more and spend my time in it.

He said that most people in the showbiz industry are fake.

In response to a question, Hira Umar said that she will marry a good and honest person, that person should have enough money to lead a good life.

Hira Umar said that the person should have a house and a car and AC should also be running in it.

The actress said that most cricketers are flirtatious while there are good cricketers too, all five fingers are not equal.

He said that I think that people think bad about me and form an opinion after seeing pictures on social media that I don't know how it will be.

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