George Galloway wins British by-election, Fatah Gaza name, Rishi Sonic reacts

London: George Galloway, who campaigned against the Gaza war, won the British by-election.

According to foreign media reports, George Galloway won the Rochdale seat by 12,335 votes after campaigning in favor of Palestine, naming his by-election victory in the name of Gaza.

Galloway, a left-wing politician, said that the role the British government has played in supporting the current catastrophe in the Gaza Strip is a huge price to pay.

Galloway, who represents Britain's Labor Party, accused both Labor and the Conservatives of supporting Israel.

Galloway received 12,335 votes to 6,638 for David Tully, an independent candidate. The Labor Party had withdrawn its support for Galloway over his anti-Israel statements and supported its former candidate Azhar Ali, but Azhar Ali came fourth.

On the other hand, British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak, while commenting on the victory of George Galloway, described the result of the Rochdale by-election as surprising. Small groups have hijacked it.

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