From the dupatta to the strap


“Oh! You can't handle two and a half yards of this nigger?''

“The wrath of God is coming upon all men, and not even a dupatta is on your head.”

“God's good! Is it a dupatta or a necklace?

“Hey Bibi, put a dupatta on your head.”

These arrows are some of the sentences, which we have been receiving from the elders of the house as instructions, warnings and reprimands in relation to wearing a dupatta since childhood. Kar has always been a necklace around our necks, especially grandmother and mother's watchful eyes were always monitoring our dupatta. It is another matter that we always found grandmother's dupatta on her head, one corner of which she used as a 'purse' and she herself usually walked around the courtyard, patio or lawn without the dupatta. For the elderly women of the house, the only purpose of the dupatta is to cover the head, and under that they continue to issue orders, but as we grow older, its other purposes become apparent. In front of the innovative advantages of dupatta, we neglected its original purpose, which was considered our indecency and insolence. Now you tell me, when these same elders have taught us so many uses of dupatta, then why take it to cover the head with it, which apparently does not have any special or general benefit.

As soon as you hear the name of dupta, colorful dupta will start waving in your eyes, blue yellow, light green, red and green, yellow and black dupta. Silk dupattas falling from the shoulders, sliding down from the heads, pure dupattas wrapped around one's bright face.

Be it you, us or anyone else, one cannot deny the popularity of dupatta. I am sure that even in Mir's time, if duptas were popular like this, his poetry would have been like this.

We became you, or Mir became
All of these dupattas were captured

Today, its popularity is evident in the fact that it is seen waving, rustling and casting spells everywhere in streets, roads, markets, clubs, hotels, colleges, cinemas and coffee houses. Sometimes a man gets confused that girls have progressed more, or dupattas, and popular girls are more or dupattas.

The dupatta is also made of muslin and aquamarine, nylon and dacron, terylene and chiffon, and net, taffeta and poplin, so that the dupatta is made from every fabric in the world. can go. There is no special fabric for this, you can make a dupatta from the net of the mosquito net kept at home, and you can also use the fabric of the pajama shirt, but you can also make a dupatta up to Khadi.

In this regard, the mention of Anar Kali Laila Majnu Ankh Ka Nesha and Jhank Jhank Payal Baje type dupattas will not be devoid of interest. First of all, the presence of dupattas is something that is understandable, perhaps Anar Kali wore a dupatta made of this cloth or Majna presented Laila with a dupatta of this special cloth as a gift, but the eyes were intoxicated and jingled. The talk of branded dupattas did not appeal to the heart.

Well, what is kept in the names, look at the work, experience tells us that the dupatta has the effect of unity within itself, that is, this piece of two and a half to three yards performs hundreds of tasks, one of its advantages is very old that this head It can cover the shoulders and the upper body well and if needed it can be worn like a cloak to leave the house. It can be covered and slept to avoid flies during the day and mosquitoes at night. Smart women don't bother to keep a mop for cleaning in the kitchen, and even do this with a dupatta. Meanwhile, the handi was boiled or the milk was boiled and they immediately took off the pan. After washing his hands and mouth, who was looking for a towel, quickly wiped it with a dupatta. If the little one has a runny nose, finding a dirty or clean cloth to clean it, heaven wipes their nose with a cloth for them.

Plates can be wiped very easily with a towel. If a fine cloth was not found in the hurry of making the syrup, then the sugar was immediately filtered from the corner of the dupatta. One corner of this dupatta also serves as your mobile box (money holder), in which, apart from money, small essential papers, bills and transaction accounts etc. are tied in a knot, this is a great advantage. That there is no fear of theft, no fear of losing the key, no fear of the box disappearing. Regarding the key, I remembered that keys are often lost, so if they are tied in a corner, they will also be safe, and the utility of the dupatta will increase.

The hem of the dupatta also works well as a duster. Housewives clean tables and chairs with dupatta and their husbands clean their glasses and glasses. Sometimes this helps a lot to save the elders from scolding, for example, if they don't stop laughing in front of the elders, they put the dupatta in their mouths. Khun Khun The sound of can be stopped well, thus the brain starts working faster if its corner is pressed in the mouth while thinking.

The knot of dupatta is also considered as the final letter to bind two hearts. You must have seen in horror movies or read in stories how when a young stranger is injured, a beauty suddenly appears from the unseen and without a second thought rips off a long strip of dupatta and ties him up. Gives, two hearts are also tied with the knot of the bandage. The practice of changing dupatta to make a sister used to be very common, but this ritual is becoming less and less day by day due to the reluctance to buy a good dupatta instead of a bad dupatta.

There is another type of dupatta and that is a twisted rope-like cover which is commonly called Chana Huawa dupatta, this dupatta is made as a necklace. The major advantage of this is that it cannot be neglected, because the necklace that stays. The necklace can also double as a noose when needed, a feature we found out last week when a failed neighborhood girl turned her love story into a scandal by hanging herself with her dupatta. Failure in examination, unfaithfulness of lover, failure in love, after feeling stupid and in case of not being able to fulfill the demand of dowry, often girls feel the need of suicide. In this case, the recipe of dupatta for these poor girls is very easy, that turmeric should not be used and the color will also come.

We regret that the women of most countries are deprived of a blessing like dupatta. Pity, too, those oriental ladies who don't like to take full advantage of it, and, as Nani Amma says, “unfortunate girls go about naked,” and even more pity the fashionable girls and teddies. Those who have reduced its size and made it into a belt with a dupatta and whose width has been reduced to a pillow or a charangal. Just as 'straps' came into fashion in comparison to the top, so now the dupatta is being replaced by a strap (not dog or cat), but it can neither be used as a head covering nor as a satraposhi, and Nor can thousands of other benefits be reaped, whether this dupatta serves its purpose or not. This discussion is also out of date now, so leave it, because we have to see the work, and her work is no less than the dupatta works, her colorful work too.

One of the reasons why it was invented, we understand, is that it can be used as a bandage very easily. Girls no longer like to sit at home and sit on the stove, and they have equal rights and equality with boys in sports, picnics, outings, etc. In case of this dupatta comes in handy. On the other hand, a girl's bone and rib were united in Khele Kood or Dhinga Mishti and the love dupatta was used as a bandage.

A useful and common use of this dupatta is to tie the eyes or to tie the bed during the night, so this work can also be done by the dupatta. It is the same as not having it on the body, it is so cheap to make that it is prepared by saving the fabric of jumper or pajama. This can be done at very little or no cost in this expensive age.

Let me tell you about my experiences, when my dupatta slips from my shoulders and falls into my lap and aunt Jan's voice is heard shouting, “Nuj! There is an ignorant girl like her, who has not had the courage to wear a dupatta till today.

(An amazing piece by Sarwar Jamal, India's famous comedian)


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