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Updated January 4, 2024

“What is the best age to go on exchange?” is one of the most frequently asked questions from our blog readers, second only to the question of how much an exchange program costs (which we answer in this post here).

And as our mission is to answer all the doubts of our exchange students and future exchange students, in today's post we will talk about the best age to enjoy this experience. Check it out below!

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From how old can you go on exchange?

We could come here and say that there is no rule about how old you can go on an exchange or a best age to do so, but if we did, we wouldn't be being sincere. The reality is that to study in another country you need to have a certain responsibility.

Therefore, Egali packages designed for teenagers have minimum age of 13 years as a prerequisite. These programs are carried out in groups, with the support of group leaders, whose role is to provide assistance to underage students.

There is also the possibility of doing a non-group package. What changes in this option are the destinations available and the accommodation, which is in a family home. In group programs, students have the possibility of staying on the campus of the university where they will study.

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What is the maximum age to go on exchange?

This question is very easy to answer! After the age of 13, There is no age limit to go on exchange and not even a specific best age!

Many people have the impression that they are “too old” to go on an exchange, and the truth is that this age barrier simply does not exist. It is possible to have this experience with 30, 40, 50 years… In this post you will be able to see the reasons why exchange programs are an incredible experience after the age of 40.

Here at Egali we have some General English courses aimed at this audience, in addition to those aimed at professional specializations. It is also possible to make groups for a specific destination. Accommodation options include homestays, StayWise By Egali, or student housing. The choice of accommodation will depend on the exchange student's objective, considering that some options are aimed more at young people, such as StayWise By Egali and By Egali accommodations.

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Is the exchange really worth it at any age?

To be very direct, this will completely depend on you! There are people who consider that the sooner they have this experience, the better. Others want to be more mature to enjoy life in another country.

It doesn't matter how old you are, what matters is how prepared you are to live this dream! Furthermore, we are sure that regardless of your age, the exchange will bring you knowledge, benefits and experiences that no other experience will bring.

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Destinations and the best age to exchange in each place

If you wish to go on exchange as a minor, the destinations for group packages for teenagers offered by Egali include Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, Canterbury and London. There are two group package options for teenagers: the Experience and the Summers School program.

In individual exchange packages, with language courses for over 15 years old, you can choose cities from our 14 country options. The available languages ​​are English, Spanish, German, French and Italian. Destinations for professional specialization courses depend on the type of course you want to take.

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Do you have any questions about the best age to go on exchange?

So, do you think you are at the best age to go on exchange? For more information about our courses and destinations, contact our consultants here. They will answer all your questions!

Always remember that it is never too late to have this incredible experience!

Speak without obligation to one of our consultants by clicking here, find out the best age to go on exchange and clarify the information you have regarding our services. Discover our service and our travel and exchange programs abroad!

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