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Updated March 1, 2024

We know that even with several plans for how and when to go on exchange, sometimes the desire to travel can be greater than your budget. That's why looking for a cheap exchange is sometimes more obvious.

And that's when you ask yourself what is possible to do about it, how to go on an exchange with a more limited budget?

One of the alternatives is to choose destinations that have a lower cost of living, as this means that the price of courses, accommodation and tours may decrease. And that's why we made today's post! Check out the cheapest destinations for exchange programs below.

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  • It is important to remember that the values ​​presented below are just an AVERAGE. The final price will depend on several factors, such as: exchange rate, boarding date, course shift and workload, type of school, accommodation, among others.
  • We indicate that you visit one of Egali's offices to answer all your questions with our consultants. To schedule this visit click here.
  • The minimum time to do an exchange is 2 weeks.
  • All amounts and payment conditions for the quotes mentioned below are subject to change without prior notice.
  • It is possible to choose a date to travel up to 18 months after the date of hire!

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Most popular destinations for offering a cheap exchange

If you are looking for an affordable opportunity to study abroad, the destinations we will present below are perfect for you. With lower living costs and options for economical accommodationyou will make the most of the exchange experience and with more savings for your pocket.

We have a menu with the best school options in destinations, study programs, support from the beginning to the end of your exchange and basesour stores are ready to help you choose the best option for your adventure abroad. Click here and start planning the exchange of your dreams with peace of mind and savings. Take advantage of this unique chance for personal and professional growth. Don't waste time, visit our stores and start your exchange journey!

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Destinations with up to 18 months to embark

Unlike the promotions above where they show packages and prices for programs with defined embarkation dates, the programs below do not have this condition and you can choose your embarkation date according to availability and possible visa application:


One of the reasons why Dublin is a favorite among exchange students is, of course, the price of exchange packages there. Even the Study + Work package is more affordable when compared to other countries that allow students to work.

So, you can travel to Dublin and still have the possibility of saving some money by working and taking a trip to other European countries. It's a lot of advantage!

Here at Egali, a 2 week exchange program to Dublin, 2 weeks Staywise Dublin – By Egali accommodation, school and insurance is starting at R$ 6,139.00 (the price depends on the type of school you choose, additional services, exchange rate, etc.). As for the course + work package, with 25 weeks of course and government insurance, it starts at R$ 13,629.00.

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Observation: plane tickets not included.

cheap exchange
Photo by Diogo Palhais on Unsplash

St. Julian's

You can already see in this post that Malta is one of the favorite destinations for our exchange students. And no wonder, since the cost of living in the archipelago it is lower than in other European countries.

A low season package in St. Julian's is going out around R$ 5,509.00 and includes 2 weeks of course, 2 weeks of accommodation at StayWise Malta – By Egali, transfer and travel insurance.

Observation: Air tickets are not included in the prices.

Iago Patrick Correia Souza

“The exchange opens doors! Discovering new places, living with new people and even studying a new language is great!! I highly recommend it, StayWise Malta By Egali is super well located and has a cool structure”

Do like Iago and enjoy your exchange in Malta visiting our stores to start your planning or speak to one of our experts directly by clicking on the link below:

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Yes! Toronto is among the destinations with the best prices for a cheap exchange. The city is wonderful, with beaches and various attractions for those who enjoy cultural and outdoor activities. You can check out the reasons for exchanging by clicking on the postblog here.

Depending on the school chosen for your exchange, a package with 2 weeks of coursework, 2 weeks of accommodation at Stay Wise Toronto Suburbs – by Egali and travel insurance is around R$ 5,299.00.

Observation: Air tickets are not included in the prices.

“I was lucky to have chosen the right school, after researching a lot it was the best service, price from pre-sale to post-sale. I have no doubt that it was the best investment I made with all the support.” – Bruno Jefferson Giles de Souza

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cheap exchange in toronto

Cape Town

If you are looking for a cheap exchange with beautiful natural landscapes, beaches, adventures and for a more affordable price, maybe Cape Town in South Africa is the place for you!

The country is very similar to Brazil in terms of animation and receptivity of the people, so you will feel practically at home. Our 2-week course package, with accommodation and travel insurance is leaving from R$ 5,409.00.

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Observation: Air tickets are not included in the prices.

“Egali provided the best experience of my life and made my first time abroad flawless. He fulfilled everything he promised, without words!”

– Igor Antunes Silva


The exchange has value

A transformative exchange No need to exhaust your budget. We hope this article has helped you with practical tips to embark on this international journey without compromising your savings. Remember, a cheap exchange does not mean giving up the quality of the experiencebut rather finding the best opportunities that align with your goals.

Check out a simulator of approximate values ​​that you can have during your experience:

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