Federal Police single-engine aircraft crashes moments after taking off; look

A Federal Police (PF) single-engine plane crashed at Pampulha Airport, in Belo Horizonte (MG), on Wednesday afternoon (5) moments after taking off. The reasons for the fall are still being investigated. Two passengers died and one was injured.

The aircraft model has been involved in previous accidents, including a crash last year.

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Single-engine crash

According to the Fire Department, the plane took off normally, but lost altitude shortly after and crashed onto the side of the runway at 2:14 pm. After the crash, the single-engine plane caught fire.

According to Lieutenant Henrique Barcellos, in the images of the flight, it was possible to see an attempt to return after takeoff.

Federal police officers José Moraes Neto and Guilherme de Almeida Irber, from Brasília (DF), died. The mechanic from an outsourced company was rescued conscious and taken to Hospital João XXIII, with abdominal trauma.

The Federal Police paid condolences to their deceased colleagues and declared official mourning for three days. President Luiz Inácia Lula da Silva (PT) also spoke out in a statement on social media.

Image: Reproduction/Fire Department

Cause of the accident

Causes of the accident

  • The PF has already started investigations to understand the cause of the accident and stated that it will send experts to assist in the investigation;
  • According to the g1employees of the Third Regional Service for the Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (SERIPA III), a regional body of the Research Center (CENIPA), were called to the scene of the accident;
  • The first step is to collect data about what happened, verify the damage and gather additional information necessary for the investigation;
  • CRR Aeroportos, which manages the Pampulha terminal, stated in a statement that firefighters are complying with service protocols and that the accident did not harm the landing and takeoff area. The airport operates normally.
Cessna 208b Caravan (Photo: Cessna/Reproduction)

What was the single engine like?

The aircraft carrying the police officers is a single-engine Cessna 208B, from 2001, with 11 seats and capacity for nine passengers.

In 2019 and 2020, there were records of accidents involving one of its tires bursting. There was also a case of a crash involving the Cessna in October 2023 less than six months ago. At the time, the single-engine vehicle was traveling from Rio Branco (AC) to Envira (AM) and left 12 people dead. See the moment of the fall:

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