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Among the efforts of Google Maps developers to improve the app experience, there was an announcement made last year about a tool that seemed forgotten, but which is now finally being launched. The information is from the Android Police website.

More about Maps “visible routes”

  • The Visible Routes feature on Google Maps provides real-time updates and turn-by-turn directions in the route view, improving the user's navigation experience.
  • All of this appears on the lock screen, avoiding the need to unlock the cell phone several times.
  • Visible Routes also lets you track your entire trip in a route overview, even if you don't click the Start button.

The visible routes tool had been announced by Google in February last year, with a launch scheduled for June of the same year. However, no sign of the feature has been seen by any Android users until at least January 2024.

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Many users from various countries, as of last month, are already seeing the new option to activate the feature, which appears to have been launched around the world silently by Google.

  • To activate the visible routes feature, simply open Google Maps, tap your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen, and go to Settings → Navigation Settings.
  • Next, you need to go to the “Map display” part to find the tool.
  • The feature is turned off by default, so it's possible that many people have had the feature for a while and didn't realize it.

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