Fazlur Rahman's interesting answers to questions related to the duration and arrival of the National Assembly

JUI chief Fazlur Rehman was asked questions regarding the duration and arrival of the National Assembly to which he gave an interesting answer.

According to ARY News, while returning after taking the oath of the newly elected member of the National Assembly, a journalist asked JUI chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman questions regarding the completion of the term of the current National Assembly and his arrival in the assembly. Interesting answers.

The journalist asked how did you feel coming to the assembly? To which Fazlur Rehman replied that this assembly is not looking like something else.

When Fazlur Rehman was asked the second question whether this assembly will complete its term, the JUI chief said that if this scholar remains, I don't think this assembly can complete its constitutional term.

Earlier, when Fazlur Rahman came to the National Assembly hall to take oath, he shook hands with PTI members. After taking the oath and signing the roll of members, he left the assembly.

Later, Maulana Fazlur Rahman went to the chamber of Chairman Saint Sadiq Sanjrani where other political leaders were also present. According to the sources, the overall political situation of the country was discussed in this meeting.

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