Father and grandfather drowned in swimming pool while saving 2-year-old girl


A father and grandfather drowned while saving a two-year-old girl from drowning in a swimming pool.

According to foreign media reports, a tragic incident occurred at a hotel in Australia on Sunday, March 31. Both father and grandfather jumped to save their two-year-old child who fell into the hotel's swimming pool, but drowned.

Dharamveer Singh, 38, and Gurjinder Singh, 65, jumped into the rooftop pool of the Mark Holiday Apartments in Australia's Gold Coast around 7 pm to save her.

Meanwhile, bystanders pulled both of them out of the water and tried to save them through CPR until emergency medical help arrived. However, unfortunately both the persons died on the spot due to cardiac arrest.

Her mother also jumped into the water behind the two-year-old girl, but the girl and her mother were rescued and taken to the hospital.

Queensland Ambulance Service officer Mitchell Ware said it was a very emotional scene. Obviously, one can understand that this family had to lose two of their members.

He warned the public to exercise caution while swimming when there are small children around.

“We know that children and even adults can drown in a matter of seconds if they're in a situation like this,” said official Mitchell Ware.


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