Fast train experiment at ship speed successful

An experiment conducted by scientists at the Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation of China has successfully tested an electric high-speed train that can travel twice as fast as a passenger plane.

Scientists have successfully operated an electric bullet train in an experiment. Tested on a small track, this train named 'T-Flight' traveled at a record speed of 623 kmph.

The speed of this train is more than the world's fastest train MLX 01 Maglev (581 km per hour) running in Japan.

Chinese engineers are hopeful that the train will reach a speed of 2000.4 kilometers per hour after commercial use.

This speed will be more than the speed of sound and twice that of Boeing 737 aircraft, at this speed the T-flight train will be able to reach from Wuhan to Beijing in just 30 minutes.

China's maglev train uses magnetism to propel it over the tracks "”levitates” which reduces friction.

Using this technology eliminates the need for wheels, so the lack of friction provides fast and quiet service.

The report also said that this was the first time that a super-fast hyperloop train achieved stable levitation while traveling in a low-vacuum tube.

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