Failed case of mobile snatching and selfie solved the mystery of blind death


A botched mobile phone theft and a selfie video saved in the phone solved the mystery of the blind death at the station.

The mystery of the death of a person has been solved after the accused who stole the mobile phone of a train passenger was caught in the city of Kalyan in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The thief has been identified as Akash Jadhav.

Akash had on Monday tried to snatch a passenger's phone from his hand when he was taking a selfie video in a moving train.

The passenger, Zahid Zaidi, was recording a video from his phone when the accused Jadhav swooped on the phone, but he failed to grab the mobile phone. Meanwhile, Akash's face was captured in Zahid's mobile video.

Zahid posted the video on social media seeking help from the police, Kalyan Railway Police arrested Jadhav after watching the viral video.

Police officer Pandhari Nath Kande said that we arrested a suspect against whom cases were already registered in the police station while another mobile phone was also recovered from him.

We asked him where he got the mobile from, switched on the mobile and found out that it belonged to Prabhas Bhange, a resident of Pune.

He said that Bhange was employed in a bank and was going home from Pune for Holi. He died after falling from a train at the railway station at midnight on March 25.

Officer Pandhri Nath Kande said that Jadhav's interrogation revealed a shocking revelation. Jadhav had stolen a mobile from a moving train and Prabhas Bhange fell off the train and died when he tried to retrieve his mobile.

The police said in this regard that a case has been registered against Mills Akash Jadhav and the case is being further investigated.


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