Exchange schools: Which school should I study at?


Updated March 1, 2024

Today's post will talk about the types of exchange schools you can choose when completing your program. Egali separates schools into three categories: Budget, Smart and Premium. The difference between them is that they vary in prices and class hours, quality of infrastructure, location, quality of teachers, among other important things for your program abroad.

Therefore, things like your level of the language you want to study, how much time you are willing to dedicate to studying on your trip and how much you can invest in your exchange package must be taken into consideration. Check out everything you need to know about exchange schools below and answer all your questions!

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Which school should I study at during the exchange?

First of all, it is important to know the difference between Exchange agency It is Language school.

Exchange agency

The Exchange Agency is the one who brings together all the components of the travel package, such as:

  • School
  • Accommodation
  • Tours
  • Safe
  • Transfer
  • Ticket.

With this, it tries to find the best price and payment terms according to how much the future exchange student wants to invest.

In this negotiation, there may be a change of destination, the search for more affordable accommodation and also the choice of a language school that meets the traveler's needs.

exchange schools
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Exchange schools – Languages

The language school abroad is where the student will study during their exchange. She is responsible for taking placement tests, ensuring that the student only speaks the language taught during class time, demanding attendance and also taking extracurricular trips.

Some schools also sell small tour packages, such as day trips to cities close to the destination or weekend trips to other places that are very common in Europe.

Combination Exchange agency and language schools

Both the exchange agency and the language school help exchange students adapt to the new destination. Egali is the only agency with a support team always available so that students can answer their questions and appeal if any eventuality arises, both pre and post-departure of the exchange student with bases 10 destinations abroad.

This support can be both online and in person (this will depend on each agency). And the Language School, as it is a place that exchange students frequent a lot, is well prepared to help students, if they have any doubts or problems regarding the language and the school itself.

exchange schools
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The importance of language schools in Brazil for a successful exchange

In a globalized world, where fluency in a second language is not just a skill, it is a necessity, Brazilian language schools play a vital role. In the Brazilian context, where English stands out as an increasingly in-demand skill, investing in your proficiency in this language can be the difference for a successful exchange.

You can see in the content below how language schools in Brazil can be essential allies on the journey to mastering English, preparing you for enriching international experiences.

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School for those looking for a more affordable price

This type of school has a lower cost, as the class hours are shorter, and, generally, the teachers are not native to the destination (they are people who came from other countries and who speak the language, but there may be differences in the way they teach. that the language is spoken, such as the accent and the use of some words).

It is ideal for exchange students who already know the target language and want to improve their skills. As the workload is shorter, the time to get to know the destination and train the listening and the speaking on the streets it is greater. So, this type of school is perfect for those who want to enjoy the destination more than learning a language (which is why it is recommended for those who already have this knowledge).

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School for those looking for the best value for money

If you want to learn a language and also get to know the city where you are going on exchange, this is your type of school. Generally, the price of this school is in the middle, neither too expensive nor too cheap, as the workload is a little higher than that of the school in the item above, and there are more native teachers, who have the same accent as the region in which you will be doing your exchange.

It is suitable both for students who only know the basics of the language, and for those who are already at an intermediate level and just want to give that “up” in grammar, in listening and in speaking. Plus, you leave class and go straight to exploring your destination.

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School for those who want to immerse themselves in the language

Among exchange schools, this type of school is perfect for 2 types of students:

  • Those who don't know anything about the language;
  • Those who already know it, but want to leave the exchange at a very advanced level of the language and even those who are fluent.

The workload at this school is greater than the others presented in this post. Furthermore, the teachers are all native to the exchange region, so problems with accent and the use of some words will be almost nil. The price of this school tends to be higher than others, but it will also depend on the chosen destination.

As you will have more class time and more activities at this school, there will be less time to explore the city on weekdays, but nothing that a super tour on the weekends can't solve!

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Do you have any questions about which school you should choose for your exchange?

After checking out the complete content, do you want to know the exchange schools that Egali partners with abroad? The choice will largely depend on what you are looking for: more experience or more studies or even the most of both, Egali offers these options for you to make the most of.

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