Excavations have begun in the 7,000-year-old city of Gunveriwala


Bahawalpur: Excavation has started in the 7 thousand years old city of Gunveriwala in Cholistan.

According to the details, after the discovery of Gunveriwala, a city bigger than Harappa, with seven thousand years old Indus civilization in the Cholistan desert, the excavation work has finally started after the government provided funds.

The remains of Gunveriwala, 60 km from the Dravidian fort, were discovered in 1975 by Dr. Muhammad Rafiq Mughal, former Director General of Punjab Archaeology. could go

Early excavations at the ancient city yielded pottery and artefacts, including sculptures and copper seals, experts say Gunveri is smaller than Mohenjo-daro and bigger than Harappa.

Excavation work has officially started here after the government provided funds, the discovery of the ancient Indus civilization city of Gunveriwala in Cholistan will boost tourism as well as foreign exchange.


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