Even the police station in Hyderabad is not owned by the police

In the second big city of Sindh, Hyderabad, police stations have also been built by occupying different places, not the police's own.

According to Ashok Sharma, correspondent of ARY News Hyderabad, the police station in Hyderabad, the second largest city of Sindh, is also not owned by the police. The police have occupied various places and made police stations, but there are no facilities for the police in these occupied places.

The total number of police stations in Hyderabad is 28 but out of this 10 police stations are deprived of their buildings.

The police station is located in the Makki Shah railway quarter, the police station in the Fort Pakka Fort museum, the Qasimabad police station in the printing press of the Industries Department, while the Pinyari police station is located on the land of the Irrigation Department.

The Hali Road police station is located in the site area instead of its boundaries, while various police stations, including Tando Yusuf, are also facing shortage of adequate staff and vehicles.

Various police stations in the city have been built alternatively by taking over the properties of other government departments but they lack basic facilities due to which the police is facing problems.

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