E-exchange Ireland – what is it and how does it work?


Updated April 2, 2024

We know the need and doubts that all exchange students have when it comes to taking their money abroad. To make your life easier, Egali has a E-exchange, which is a practical and recommended way to take money for the exchange. In this post, we will explain in more detail about the product.

In addition, we will provide the e-exchange rules, step by step instructions on how to do it with Egali and a FAQ about our product. Let's focus on answering the whys, whats, when to do it, how to do it for all items!

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What is e-exchange?

The e-exchange is an exclusive product for Egali students and exchange students. This is an option that Egali offers it to exchange students what they will do course and work programs at Ireland atAustralia.

E-exchange brings several benefits, one of them is that Egali opens the account for you, which can also be used for receiving your salary after you are already working at the destination.

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Step by step e-exchange

In this topic, you will understand how the entire step-by-step process works, from purchasing the product from our commercial stores to making it available to you:

1) Acquisition of the service and transfer of the value to Egali

The service can be purchased directly at the Egali commercial unit, which may be the same one where you purchased your exchange. One of our specialists will help you with the E-exchange contract.

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2) Wait for the receipt in your Student Area

After confirming the purchase of the service, you must wait until 72 working hours so that the receipt is available in your student area.

3) Account opening

Close to your boarding Egali will pre-open your account with the foreign bank. We will make the request using the copy of your passport that you must have sent through the Student Area.

4) Account details

You must enter your account details banking(account data from the foreign bank) nthe student portal using the “E-exchange” button.

Access your student area and click on “E-Cambio”

5) Wait for the balance to become available in your account

After filling in and saving the number in your student area, within 72 working hours the balance will be available in your account, this is the international processing period for sending amounts abroad and it starts counting from the moment you fill out Os data bankers on the “E-exchange” button in the student area.

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Stay tuned!

Pay attention to delivery time by the bank for your card, since without the card you will not be able to make withdrawals. You will have access to your online account, you will be able to make transfers and transactions online, however, take a value in hand for these first days.

We always recommend that our students and exchange students take one extra value, beyond what is required by the governmentextra for possible emergencies.

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Extract to present to immigration

After confirming the purchase, the receipt will be accessible in the “Documents” section of your student area. This e-exchange purchase receipt is valid as proof of financial resources upon entry into the country.

For exchange students who are preparing to go to Ireland, it is possible to present a statement of the amount acquired through e-exchange as financial proof for the visa interview. For this purpose, the statement must be issued by the international bank upon arrival at the destination.

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After filling in the bank details in the student area, how many days does it take for the amount to appear in the account?

Within 72 business hours after correctly filling in the details on the student portal, the balance will be in your account.

I have already purchased the euros, but the balance is zero, what should I do?

If you have recently entered your bank details into the student portal, you must wait up to 72 working hours. If this deadline has passed and you have already completed the data entry process, you must inform the team on the student portal about the error.

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I need to redeem the amount I have in the account or close the account, how do I do it?

You must contact the bank by email. This contact must be made by owner of the account and Egali no can intermediate this type of request. Once you have opened the account through the bank, for security reasons, Egali can no longer make contact with the bank in your name.

Know more…

So, are you interested in E-Câmbio? Don't have your program planned with Egali yet? Take advantage and chat right now with one of our exchange specialists by clicking on the link below – this conversation has no cost or commitment!

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