Do you own an iPhone? You need to know this hidden feature

If you try to turn on your iPhone's flashlight and it takes longer than two seconds, you might miss one of iOS's best-hidden features, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Although the iPhone's settings menus contain many interesting things hidden, such as protection against thieves, many of them are so well hidden that users end up not even knowing about their usability.

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iPhone hidden feature: how to access

  • The feature is in the “Accessibility” tab and has to do with the number of times the back of the smartphone is touched;
  • To access it, do the following:
    • Access settings (gear icon);
    • Click on “Accessibility”;
    • Go to “Touch”;
    • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and access “Back touch”;
    • There will be two options: “double tap” and “triple tap”. Each of these allows the iPhone to do something when tapped two or three times.
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One of the things the device can do through this function is turn on the flashlight, for example, which is useful for times when total darkness is the “enemy”.


Another very useful app to optimize the lives of those who have an iPhone is “Shortcuts”, implemented a few years ago on iOS. It allows the creation of customized automations that can be launched by tapping the back of the cell phone.

To do this, open Shortcuts, tap the plus arrow to create a new shortcut and add as many steps as you want. When you go back to the “back tap” settings, you will see all of the Shortcuts automations there.

Android on Samsung's Galaxy also has a type of Shortcuts. This is Bixby Routines, which has a similar function, but there is no rear touch setting.

Among the possible settings to merge Shortcuts and back touch, the WSJ highlights the use of Shazam. For example, suppose you start listening to a song and want to find out what it is.

Instead of unlocking your iPhone and finding Shazam (which can take a while and make you lose your music), you can quickly tap your phone to open it.

There is just one limitation: as you can only tap two or three times in a row, iOS only allows you to configure the feature to perform two tasks. And always practice your touches, since, in a moment of desperation, you can make mistakes and become even more desperate!

If you (incredibly) don't have a protective case, a gentler touch on your iPhone will do the trick. But, if you (are like most) and have a cover, press more “aggressively”. Therefore, training commands is essential.

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