Divorce does not end the world, Naveen Waqar

Well-known actress Naveen Waqar of the showbiz industry says that the world does not end on divorce.

Actress Naveen Waqar appeared as a guest on a recent podcast and opened up about her personal life and divorce.

Naveen Waqar said that now the times have changed a lot, earlier they used to leave the girl to die saying stay with the in-laws and don't divorce even if you die.

“You are coming out of a relationship where you are humiliated and beaten or disrespected. Why would you continue to live like that?” he said.

The actress said that if all this happens, then you should separate and live a free life, if your parents are not keeping you, it does not matter, I believe that Allah has planned something for everyone, which is our fate It is written that he will be with us.

Naveen Waqar said that if Allah Ta'ala has put you through such a difficult thing, then He must have kept something very good ahead for you.

The actress added that our drama industry has been on divorce and marriage so we have to think about what we are showing people.

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