Disney+ announces date for merger with Star+ in Brazil; check out

Since last year, it has been known that Disney would merge its two Streaming services: Disney+, focused on content from Disney, Pixar, etc., and Star+, with content from the old FOX channels and sports broadcasts from ESPN.

Now, the Mickey Mouse studio has officially announced when this merger will take place in Brazil: June 30. The information was released by Movistar Chile, a telephone company that has a partnership with Disney there, in a statement sent to its customers.

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  • Although the date was announced in Chile, make no mistake, as Disney had stated that the change would be valid for all of Latin America, implying that the date will be the same throughout the region;
  • All Star+ content will be migrated to Disney+;
  • For now, the company has not given details about how the migration will be carried out for those who have Star+, nor whether their accounts will be migrated;
  • The same goes for the price: today, the combo with both streaming costs R$55.90 per month and R$17.90 for those who subscribe to Meli+.

Recently, Disney began to “pull strings” towards unification, with the addition of the series “Echo” and “Xógum” on both platforms.

What devices work with Max?

Although it was launched in the United States in May 2023, it was only this year that the new version of HBO Max was launched in Brazil, Max. The new streaming service created after the merger of Warner Bros. with Discovery, it brings together the HBO Max and Discovery+ catalogue, as well as original Warner productions, such as films from the DC Universe, Cartoon Network, Looney Tunes, as well as live sports, series such as Friends and The Big Bang Theory, as well as an infinity of content.

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