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Updated November 13, 2023

Right away, we'll give you the most direct answer: because you deserve it! Ok, if you are already satisfied with this justification, you can go straight here and talk to our consultants. However, if you want to know more about the reasons to go on exchange, continue reading this post.

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Reasons to exchange

There are thousands of reasons why you should go on an exchange, but we decided to be more practical and chose the 7 main ones.

Before you start, remember that traveling as a tourist and going on an exchange are not the same things. See this post for the differences.

1. You will learn and practice a foreign language

For most people, this is the main reason for thinking about going on an exchange. After all, studying a language while living in a country where it is spoken is the fastest way to learn. You learn and put it into practice.

Furthermore, you will learn the language like a native and will probably have the same pronunciation as them.

Reasons to exchange
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2. You will make lots of friends

We're not going to lie, studying abroad will be a little scary at first. However, it is also a great opportunity to make friends. On the exchange, you will meet people from all over the world who will probably be doing the same thing as you: trying to adapt to a new city.

Sharing this special moment makes you create friendships that will last forever, believe me.

Reasons to exchange
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3. Gain confidence and independence

Traveling to a new country requires you to have at least a little courage. You will do things you have never done before and when you succeed in new challenges, they will give you a feeling of extra confidence, little by little you will feel more confident.

Some people are not used to doing things for themselves. By going on an exchange you learn to take care of yourself without the help of any family member. The sooner you become independent, the more you will achieve in life.

reasons to exchange
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4. Improve your resume and boost your career

Companies look for confident employees who have done interesting things in life, have an open mind and think “outside the box”. Furthermore, knowing a second language is always a plus on your resume.

Having an exchange on your resume will certainly increase your chances of getting that much-desired position.

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Reasons to exchange
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5. Broaden horizons and discover new cultures

Traveling allows you to learn about the history, culture and art of the place you visit. You will see that learning new things every day will be a real change of perspective.

Each country has its peculiarities and delicious local foods. And another maturity of a trip is losing your “prejudices” and trying all types of food.

By living with different cultures and ways of thinking, you will learn to be more flexible and tolerant, accepting differences will become very easy.

Reasons to exchange
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6. Learning to deal with distance and longing

Dealing with homesickness is NEVER easy, but believe me, little by little you will get used to it. It doesn't mean that you'll stop feeling homesick, you'll just learn to deal with it and end up creating bonds with other people, making your exchange destination feel more like home.

If you have a goal, you know that to achieve it, you will need to make some sacrifices. Being away from family and friends is part of this journey.

Reasons to exchange
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7. Gain experience

Last but not least: gain experience. Going on an exchange program means gaining a lot of experience, returning with a suitcase full of learnings, unforgettable moments and endless stories to tell.

When you allow yourself to leave your comfort zone, you begin to experience new flavors, places, people and see that every experience, whether good or bad, will bring you some learning.

Reasons to exchange
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In short, what are the reasons to go on exchange?

  • You will learn a new language
  • You will make friends
  • Will be more independent
  • It will improve your CV
  • It will broaden your horizons
  • You will deal better with longing
  • You will gain an experience for a lifetime

Start planning your exchange

Now you must be convinced that you really deserve the benefits of doing an exchange. This experience will add a lot to your life!

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