Did you remember a poem?


It happened that day that our wallet was lost.

He was returning home in a state of worry when he met Agha Sahib on the way. He said, “Some are lost and seen.”

“The wallet is lost.”

“Just scared by so many things, listen to a poem.”

“What an opportunity to hear and recite poetry.”

“Grief will be wrong. It is a poem of taste”, he says.

That's when he kept losing his heart
The heart had to say again what, what is going on, going on

“Did you like it?”

“The heart has been divided by the riba nahi side”, we brought out the new side.

Amir Menai's poem on the subject of the page is unique.

Kebabs are skewers, we change the croquettes
This aspect of what burns, then those aspects change

We said, “Repentance! Repentance! Agha Sahib, you are reciting poetry on the subject.

Riaz drank again today after repenting
What did you do?

“Okay sir, give me permission. We will meet again sometime.”

“Meeting!” You must have heard that poem on the meeting.

Everything happened in the eyes
The incomplete meeting continued

“It is a good poem, but the manner in which Daag has tied “Meetings” cannot be appreciated.”

If you put them on the road, then they are in the words
And will open in two or four meetings

''Brilliant. Good manners.”

''Presentation etiquette.''

He got rid of Agha Sahib with great difficulty. Agha Sahib is not a human being but a moving egg of poetry. A few years ago, he used to participate in mushairas and in every mushaira, he was welcomed with slogans like “Beeth ja jaye”, “Tashreef Rakhaye”, “Aji Qibla Muqat Phaiye”, ” 'Get down from the stage', now they don't go to Musharas. They visit the club and take revenge from the members of the club for the regrets raised in the mushairas. Here you mentioned something. Meanwhile, Agha got the key. One member said, “Our secretary is a very gentleman.” Agha said in shock. Jigar Moradabadi has said well,

Man meets man
The heart is rarely met by anyone

But sir, what about Nazir Akbarabadi? His poem on the subject of man is the last letter. See a stanza,

There is a king in the world, so he is also a man
And he is also a poor man
Zardar is innocent, so he is also a man
The person who eats the blessing is also a man
So is that man too

Someone got fed up and said to change the direction of the conversation, “Aaj Verma Sahib's letter has arrived, he writes that…”

Agha Sahib interrupted him and said, “Excuse me for cutting words!” Have you ever considered how many different angles the poet has tried on the subject of the letter?

How to take the letter pigeon to Bam Yar
There are scissors on the wall

And then the poem in which the self-deception is brought to a climax,

Did you deceive the heart in anxiety?
In response to the letter you wrote on their behalf

God is not the answer to this poem. Now just look at the meaning of this poem.

We also had to go with Nama Bur, very choke

Let us not think that such work cannot be done alone

And then sir, this poem is worth weighing in pearls. He is a poem, poetry is less fortunate, then it fell out of memory. Yes, I remembered, the pieces in the envelope are from my letter.

Suddenly the electricity disappeared. Everyone grabbed the opportunity and slipped out of the club.

One day our eyes came. Took two days off from college. Agha Sahib found out and came to ask about the situation. They said, “What should you use almonds?” Not only will you be protected from eye diseases, but the beauty of your eyes will also increase.” After a minute or two of silence, he asked us, “You recited the poem related to eyes, which made the audience ecstatic. “I think I have not heard.” That was the poem.

There are sighs on the side that has risen
What are the evil eyes?

It is a very good poem, but still it cannot match Sauda's poetry.

I remember the deal
To take Sagar from the dead hand

The poem on the same subject is also very good.

A sense on the tip of the eye
Caravans lose their way

After the end, he recited dozens of poems by Jigar, Faraq, Josh, Iqbal, Hasrat, Fani. After listening to them, I wanted to curse my eyes many times so that there would be no less luck and this trouble would not come. It was twelve o'clock in the night, but Agha Sahib's stock did not run out. Finally, we got fed up and said, “Agha Sahib! You recited so many poems. Listen to two poems from us too.

“Arshad,” Agha Sahib said defiantly.

May Allah save everyone from such people
Who should not be run away from, who should not be driven away
Once you cling to it, you die
They are plasters that cannot be removed from the foot.”

Agha Sahib smiled and said, “Though your speech is not towards us, still be polite.”

(Written by well-known writer and satirist Kanhaiya Lal Kapur)


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