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Space Gaze: Vera Coper Rubin, the Mother of Dark Matter

Throughout the history of astronomy, there have been many women who have had to fight against prejudice, discredit and break down gender barriers in order to make their contribution to science. One of the most notable examples is that of Vera Rubin, a revolutionary American astronomer. Thanks to her persistence, and her brilliant work, today we know one of the greatest mysteries of the universe, dark matter.

QUICKSINK: Cutting-edge US military technology sinks ship in seconds

It is public and well-known that the United States has the largest military force in the entire world. The country has more than a thousand advanced technology fighters, a total of 13 thousand aircraft, in addition to a respectable Navy. Part of this power could be seen recently, when the Air Force Research Laboratory released videos of a bomb that can sink a ship in seconds.

How Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the search for alien life

There are between 10 and 50 billion potentially habitable worlds in the Milky Way, according to experts. Bill Diamond, executive president of the research institute Seti, in the USA, explains that this makes the search for extraterrestrial life a complex challenge. Seti (acronym in English for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) searches for signs of life and intelligence beyond our own Solar system.

Drex: digital currency is practically ready, but launch may be delayed

Drex is getting closer and closer to coming into operation. Brazil's new digital currency is practically ready from a technological point of view to be tested by the population. However, there are still some legal issues before the official launch, which could end up being delayed.

Plants are spreading across Antarctica – and that's not good

Recent photographic records have shown that two species of plants native to Antarctica are spreading across the territory, something rare until then and which is a consequence of global warming. At the same time, researchers from the University of Washington recorded an “out of the ordinary” temperature record on the continent, which risks the maintenance of the icy biome.

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