Case against the Canadian Foreign Minister for arms exports to Israel

Palestinian Canadians are suing Foreign Minister Joly over arms exports to Israel.

Palestinian Canadians and human rights lawyers are suing Foreign Minister Melania Jolie over military equipment exports to Israel that they believe violate Canada's obligations under domestic and international law.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, asks a federal court to order the Canadian government to stop issuing export permits for military equipment and technology produced for Israel.

It has also asked the court to declare the issuance of such permits illegal.

“We want to hold Canada to its own standards and to its international legal obligations,” said Henry Off, board member of Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights (CLAIHR), one of the groups involved in the case.

After October 7, when the Israeli army started a military operation in the Gaza Strip, in response to the martyrdom of thousands of Palestinians, there is intense public anger in many countries over the issue of military exports to Israel.

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